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Financial planning

The key to your financial security is planning and commitment.

Financial planning is a process of managing your finances to help you make the most of your available funds to achieve your goals. We recognize every client is unique, with their own particular financial circumstances, needs and goals. Understanding individual clients’ needs is paramount to appropriately tailoring strategies and services.

At The Finmark Group our aim is to establish an effective and meaningful long-tern relationship with our clients. We are totally committed to assisting our clients to eliminate their mortgage and other personal debt while building wealth for their future, with appropriate protection in place should the unexpected occur.

It is our aim to assist and empower clients in financial matters, whether they are already financially secure or wish to be. Seeking financial advice is a very personal decision, and often people are unsure of the most effective way to achieve their financial goals.

Finmark Private Wealth P/L
Our subsidiary Finmark Private Wealth Pty Limited provides a comprehensive range of professional financial planning services. With authorized representatives as members of the Financial Planning Association and thus FPW advisers adhere to a strict code of conduct in dealing with clients.

At Finmark Private Wealth we take pride in establishing a close relationship with our clients through knowing and assisting them. We appreciate that each client is unique, with their own financial circumstances, and individual needs and goals.

Understanding a client and their needs is paramount to tailoring appropriate strategies and services. This understanding is obtained through in-depth discussions and from documentation  provided by clients.

Finmark Private Wealth offers a comprehensive set of financial services to help our clients achieve their financial goals and security they are seeking. We have proven experience in successfully advising clients with different financial and personal circumstances, goals and aspirations.

Finmark Private Wealth endeavors to provide tailored financial plans and ongoing personal coaching designed to offer you the peace of mind to enjoy life now while building financial freedom for tomorrow.

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Finmark Private Wealth

Financial Planning Services

Finmark Private Wealth has expertise in managing the following areas of wealth creation and preservation, retirement, debt and risk management:

  • savings, investment and taxation planning
  • strategic gearing and lending advice
  • cash flow planning and debt management
  • investment selection and portfolio management
  • property cash flow analysis
  • personal insurance advice
  • SME risk management
  • strategic investment planning for self-managed superannuation funds
  • specialist retirement planning for business owners
  • estate and succession planning

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